Elevate Event Experiences With Our Entertainment Effects

As a licensed live SFX provider in Washington state, Pyro & Fire FX is more than qualified to provide high-quality entertainment effects for your event. Our expert professionals work carefully to deliver mesmerizing visual displays while maintaining the safety of everyone watching. From concerts and life milestone celebrations to sports and corporate events, we can deliver the appropriate SFX solution to set the atmosphere of any occasion.

Jet Cryo blaster

Emphasize Moments

Make your event more memorable by accentuating special moments using entertainment effects, such as:

  • Outdoor and Proximate Pyrotechnic Displays

  • Flame Effects

  • Sparkular Displays

  • Cryo Jets Blasts

  • Confetti and Streamers

Create the Perfect Ambiance

Set the mood of your event through the following SFX solutions:

  • Using LSG Equipment To Achieve a Foggy Atmosphere

  • Showering Guests With Confetti

  • Achieving a Themed Atmosphere Using Colored Smoke Effects

  • Having Bubbles Blown Into the Air

Work With Event SFX Professionals Today

For some of the best entertainment effects and pyrotechnic services, feel free to get in touch with us today. We would be more than happy to help you enhance the event experience at your social, corporate, concerts, festivals, and sports functions.