Add Extra Oomph to Your Event

Offering Pyrotechnics, Atmospheric Effects, and More

Work With Experienced Live Special Effects Experts

Crank up the awesomeness of your concerts, sports league games, holiday parties, and other activities with Pyro & Fire FX. We offer a wide range of special effects (SFX) solutions to take your event's entertainment value to the next level.

Services Offered

Discover the perfect SFX solutions to elevate event experience and plan out how you want to use them with help from our specialists. We can help you achieve a variety of entertainment effects, such as:

  • Aerial Firework Displays

  • Indoor/Proximate Pyrotechnics

  • Flame Effects

  • Sparkular Displays

  • Confetti Showers and Streamers

  • Colored Smoke Effects

  • Cryo Jet Blasts

  • Atmospheric Bubbles

  • Low Smoke Generator (LSG) Fog Effects

Enhancing Event Experiences for More Than 25 Years

Based out of Gig Harbor, Washington, Pyro & Fire FX is committed to running atmospheric and entertainment effect displays in the safest way possible. We are also permitted and licensed to provide live SFX services to touring concerts and artists in the state of Washington. With an extensive background in fire service, our pyrotechnicians are more than qualified to conduct pyrotechnics and firework shows for your event.


Bring Some Explosiveness to Your Events Today

Trust our live special effects experts to work their magic on your social, corporate, or sports gathering. Reach out to us for some of the finest pyrotechnic services and more. It would be our pleasure to work with you on your event.